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If you aim at protecting and having control of your valuable assets, SPVs, PSCs and Foundations are the more modern legal entity structure we may find today, overpassing by far the offshore structure.

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) regulated by Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and Prescribed Scope Companies (PSCs) regulated by Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) are passive holding companies established for the purpose of isolating financial and legal risk by ring-fencing certain assets and liabilities.

Besides, they are - with Foundations – a legal way of escaping the inheritance principles imposed by Shariah Law. Indeed, the Shareholders and Directors may choose to whom their assets should be transferred in the event of decease.

Foundations propose one of the most effective and flexible wealth and succession planning, even for Muslim families. Indeed, Foundations separate the legal aspect and the beneficial ownership in respect of family assets.

Both ADGM and DIFC have signed agreement with more than hundred countries to ensure all the companies that they incorporate are fully compliant. This proves that these legal forms are not considered as a heaven to escape tax but to actually protect your valuable assets using best compliance practices.

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